Xtensions Best Checkout Module License

Step 1 : Module Settings on your site

Step 2 : Login to xtensions site to get your licence key Login Now
Opencart Orders: You must use your opencart email with which you made the purchase.

Step 3 : You need to verify your email.

Step 4 : Check your email for verification link. Do not forget to look the spam folder - just in case :-(

Step 5 : Your email is verified

Step 6 : Check your orders folder.

Step 7 : Your opencart orders will appear once you have cerified your email. Click on View order

Step 8 : Link a domain to your product without http or https

Step 9 : A key will be generated

Step 10 : Copy the key and go to your site and add there.

Step 11 : Your key is accepted and license is verified

Step 12 : License information will be there along with support validity